Art’s Gift For Mother -Home Invasion

A Home Invasion

Art felt sorry and relieved all at the same time. His father put his big hand on Art’s head tousled his hair then pulled Art close against him saying, “Let’s pray and without waiting for Art’s response bowed his head and began to pray. They prayed for his grandfather and the family and their church. Hank ended his prayer by thanking God for his children asking Him to bless their work that had to done that day. Art’s dad stood up and as he did he said, “Ok buddy, get dressed, your mom has breakfast underway.”

Art hurried to dress, suddenly aware that he was very hungry; but his bandage and splint caught on everything from buttons to zippers.

Art finally arrived at the breakfast table slightly more disheveled then usual. His two-older sisters snickered and alternated between kind and caustic remarks.; apparently due to the fact that they had just learned that they were going to do Art’s milking chores until his hand healed.

Art sat down with his habitual plop, winced a little at a dull pain in his butt “The shots” he thought.

Virginia, his oldest sister, was fourteen long limbed and raw-boned, usually pleasant and hard-working; but lately she was becoming moody and unpredictable. She asked, “How does it feel to be mutilated monkey meat?” Art was not sure what “mutilated” meant but knew from his, sister’s tone it was not a compliment. He was about to say something back when there came a loud bang on the door that led to the connected sheds. Everyone stopped to listen and looked at each other for an explanation. Phyllis, twelve, flighty and funny, said dramatically, “It’s a burglar” Hank responded, “The noisiest one in the state.” He stood to his feet and moved toward the door. There came another noise, like a bowling ball rolling or sliding on the wooden floor.

Hank opened it with all due caution, first just peeking through an opening then his head disappeared through the opening then his shoulders and finally he stepped through the door, Art’s mother could stand it no longer and called after him, “What is it” They were all getting up with the intention of following father out the door, when Hank replied from the other side of the door, “I don’t see anything.” followed immediately by “Oh no you don’t” Hank lunged back through the door slammed it shut.

The rest of the family was already near the door. Art’s mother asked again this time more quietly, ‘Well what is it”? Hank replied, “You just wont believe it, you just wont believe it.”


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