Art’s Gift For Mother – The Plan

Captured in the Summer Kitchen

Captured in the Summer Kitchen

The Plan

Hank’s face revealed a certain bemused incredulity. He said, “Ok all back to the table and I’ll tell you.” As they turned back to the table he added, “We will finish our breakfast then we may have some work to do.” Everyone sat down and stared at him eagerly awaiting his explanation. Hank, ignored them and began eating his breakfast playing the moment for all it was worth. The children fairly exploding with curiosity asked almost in unison, “Well?” All the while there were a collection of bangs, thuds, and scraping noises coming from the other side of the door.
Hank, replied, “It seems a skunk has his head caught in a canning jar and is trying to escape but can’t seem to get out of the jar or out of the summer kitchen.” Linda asked, “Oh what will we do? He’ll make a terrible mess, there is the laundry, and oh dear, oh dear.” She started to her feet, Hank placed his big hand on hers and caught her eye with his. “Don’t worry about that we will do the best we can to get him out without making him spray.” Linda settled back on her chair as Phyllis pleaded, “Don’t hurt him” and “can I keep him?” Virginia offered, “I heard if you keep their feet of the floor they can’t spray.” Art, joined, “Just shoot him in the head.” Art said this, as much to incite his sisters as he did to offer a solution. It had the desired effect and his sisters launched on him. Hank quieted them all with a raised hand and continued to eat his breakfast. Then between hurried bites he said, “I’ve got a plan. So relax, the skunk will be fine and I hope we will too. Finish your breakfast Art we are going to catch a skunk.” Hank was hoping that the skunk would solve its own problem before they ever got involved. He knew that there was a far less chance of “accidental discharge” if the skunk was on his own.
Virginia offered, “He’ll suffocate before you get him out of that jar anyway.” Hank raised his hand again and there was another silence cutting off Phyllis before she could plead the skunk’s case. Then he said, “Get the skunk out of the shed, then get the skunk out of the jar.”
The Hank finished eating and, glanced at Art and said with a cheerful tone, You ready?“ ”Yes sir.“ Was Art’s quick reply. They got to their feet and headed for the front door, as Hank opened it he said back to the group in the kitchen, ”Don’t open the shed door to see what we are doing.“ Linda acknowledged the instruction with a weak, ”OK.“ Certain that she would somehow be caused more work by the bumbling visitor in the shed.
On the front step Art asked, ”What are we going to do?“ Hank said, ”We are going to catch a skunk.“ Art liked the sound of that but continued, ”How?“ To which Hank replied with a twinkle in his eye, ”Very, Very carefully.“


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