Episode 11 A Skunk is a Skunk

Episode 11 Phyllis’s Lesson in skunkology

As Art and his dad approached the shop, Art cringed to see the board protruding out of the shop door’s window. Art’s dad pulled the blood stained board out of the window and back into the shop. Art could see the brownish bloodstains like freckles spread over the surface of the board. He asked his father, “Do you think I can sand that off and use the board?”  Hank looked at Art thoughtfully for a moment, then Art could see a tear forming in his father’s eye, and it frightened him a little. When he did speak Art could hear the emotion in his voice. “Son” he began tenderly, “Maybe you should not try, it would mean more to your mother and you to leave the blood on it.”  This was not the vision that Art had of his work, but he said nothing for the moment. Hank continued, “It sort of reminded me of the great price that Jesus paid for me.”  Doctrine Link

Hank sat down on a box so he was at eye level with Art and continued. “I have not been the father I should have been, I need you to forgive me for that.”  Art’s was shaken by his father’s sincere admission of being wrong, but Art could not think a thing that his father had done wrong. Hank took his son by the arms and held him firmly looking into his eyes. “Art will you forgive me?” Art answered softly, “Yes.” but was embarrassed slightly for his father.

Hank continued, “I’ve been thinking about my dad and some of the things that have come up between us over the years and some of the mistakes I think he made with me and I realize that I am doing some of the same things with my children.”  Art’s mind just said “Woe, this is too much for me.” “Art,” he continued, “I want to do better.”  As he said this he pushed the board between them, continuing, “ This blood, your blood made me think about all my sin and the price that was paid for me and how I want to live the right kind of life for you and the others. Art, please be patient with me,  as I learn how to be a better dad?” Again Art said yes, but he was confused, he thought his dad was the best man he had ever known how could he think he needed improvement?“  Art felt his dad pulling him close and wrapping his big arms around him and hug him hard.

Phyllis was still at the edge of the woods talking softly to the sleeping skunk, When with a startling suddenness the skunk moved very quickly. It sort of crawled and tumbled off Phyllis’s lap staggered sideways a few steps turned looked at Phyllis and sort of bounced up into a skunk hand stand and sprayed her.

Phyllis was now the one trying to escape but it was already too late. She rolled away screamed as she jumped to her feet and ran for the house. Yelling like a demon was after her, ”He peed on me! He peed on me!“ Art and his father heard her cries and knew what had happened.  Their suspicions where confirmed when the skunk odor penetrated the shop.  Art and his dad looked at each other and  said in unison ”Oh no.“


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