Episode 14 Art’s Gift For Mother – Opening The Cottage

Episode 14 Opening The Cottage

Victor pointed the car toward the cottage, how he loved being home. Driving these roads smelling this air was as comforting as putting on his own well-worn jeans.  Though it was only six miles from the farm to the cottage it was very far removed from everyday life.

As they turned off the black top unto the camp road Victor stopped the car and said, “OK men ( he frequently referred to his sons as ”men“ when he asked them to do something he did not want to do himself.) you’ll have to walk from here, we’ll drag all the way down to camp with this load.”. The boys got out each accusing the other of being the reason they had to walk. Vicky started it with, “If you’d loose a little weight blimp butt we could ride.”  Ronnie replied in kind, “Your no light weight yourself, helium head.” Their dad eased the car down the road leaving the boys just standing there. They started walking after the car but it soon disappeared in the shadowy darkness of the woods. They were alone and would be for the next 15 or 20 minutes it would take to walk to the cottage.

As they walked the woods began to do its therapy. The dark caused by the hundred foot pines made a peaceful atmosphere and the pine needles lying inches deep on the road made their walking noiseless.  They also fell silent, listening to the breezes whisper in the pines  and smelling the perfumes of spruce, pine, cedar, and balsam combined with musky fungus. Ronny broke the silence first, “Slow down, give them time to get the car unpacked.” Vicky did not say anything in reply but simple slowed down.

The boys loved the two weeks they spent in Maine each year and for them it was officially beginning with the walk down the camp road.

They noticed some scrapes on the road that indicated the car was dragging bottom at times even without them in the car. Vicky noted, “I’ll not be surprised to see mom walking too.” Ronny chuckle; Then he asked, “Did you notice anything different about Uncle Hank?” Vicky replied, “Only that he did not swear every other word, and he seemed glad to see us.”

As they rounded a bend in the road, they could see the sunlight bouncing off the lake dancing through the trees to them.  Their excitement was building and they were eager to get on the water. When they came near the camp they walked right by the, still loaded, car to the front of the cottage.  They looked down on the inviting dock and beyond at a few tantalizing patches of water that could be seen of  Little lake that was seven miles long and one mile wide.

Their reverent rapture was interrupted by a somewhat urgent call from their mother. “Victor come quick, there is water all over the floor.”


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