Episode 15 Art’s Gift For Mother – Back at the Farm 

Episode 15 Back at the Farm

Linda was bathing Phyllis and to her dismay found that soap and water did not remove the skunk odor at all. In fact it made a sort of sickening combination that seemed to her worse than the plain skunk smell.

This discovery was very upsetting to Linda, as she had invited her brother and his family to supper and the whole house smelled of skunk.

Hank and Art went to the little general store less than a mile from their house where he bought four cans of tomato juice.

Upon returning home Hank went straight to the kitchen for an opener then took the juice and opener to the bathroom. He knocked on the door. Linda responded, “Yes, what is it?” Hank replied, “I’ve brought some tomato juice to help with the clean up.” Linda stepped outside the bath room and asked,, “Does the house smell bad?” Hank thought this an odd question when they were in the middle of a ‘skunk event’. “Well yes, you can smell skunk all over the property.” This was not the answer Linda wanted to hear.

She took the juice and stepped back into the bathroom.  When Phyllis saw her mother opening the tomato juice she asked, “What is that for?” Linda replied, “It is going to help get rid of the smell, now stand up please.” Phyllis obeyed, and Linda poured the tomato juice on Phyllis’s head. The juice being significantly cooler than the bath water made Phyllis flinch and shiver but she did not complain. Linda spread the juice with her hand all over Phyllis to get good coating. Linda told Phyllis, “Just stand there for a minute.” Phyllis did not move or respond. Linda went to the kitchen to inventory what was available for supper and to evaluate the smell in the house.

When she returned to bathroom she found Phyllis standing exactly where she had left her.  The drying juice and had made a rosy colored mask on Phyllis’ face highlighted by tear traces down her cheeks.

Phyllis was the picture of abject humiliation. Linda’s building anger was replaced by pity. She quickly rinsed her off and drained the water out of the tub. She thought the juice had really helped. The process was repeated three more times then she left Phyllis to clean up the bathroom and dress. Linda headed for the kitchen to begin preparing for guests.

Meanwhile down at the shop Art was about to make an irksome discovery.


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