18 Art’s Gift For Mother – Daredevil Surgery Part 1

Daredevil Surgery

Art thought he could see blood on Ronny’s neck and could see Ronny grimace in pain at times. Art’s mother and sisters were standing in the open front door to greet their guest. Virginia had just returned from staying with her grandmother.  She had been sent there to help out with the extra work of caring for grandfather. She looked serious, more so than usual. Her lean and raw-boned features amplified every expression but joy.  Her smile no matter how genuine always looked like it belonged to someone else.

Victor spoke loudly, (he usually did) “Ronny has a fishing lure stuck in his neck.” He added turning to Hank, “My idiot sons can’t even fish without messing it up.” It was obvious he was more embarrassed by the situation than he was concerned for Ronny. Hank stepped toward Ronny and pulled Ronny’s protective hand away from the back of his neck.  This revealed a shiny new red and white Daredevil lure with one hook buried in the meat and muscle. Hank said, “You did a good job.” Ronny trying not to move his head pointed at Vicky and said, “It’s his lure, he hooked me.” Victor said, “Sorry to bring all this to you, but we don’t have any cutting pliers that I can get under there to cut the hook off with.”  Hank looked up to the door way and said to his wife who was about to become emotional over everything, “We’ll be just a minute, have one of the girls bring me some iodine and a bandage.  We’re going to the shop.”

Hank, Art, Victor, Ronny, and Vicky went to the shop where Hank produced a pair of diagonal cutting pliers. First he cut the little bronze ring that connected the spoon to the hooks. Ronny winced and yelled as the pliers snapped through the ring and the pressure needed to make the cut also pulled on the hook sending it deeper into his flesh.  Hank said, “I’m sorry to hurt you but there is just no other way.” Turning to Victor he asked, “Would you rather take him to the doctor for this?”  Victor replied matter of fact, “No, if you can get it out he will be all done in the time it would take to get there.” Ok, I’ll give it a try.“ Hank said. Then to Ronny he said, ”I have to snip the hook that is in you off at the base where it joins the other two. This is likely to be much harder to cut than the bronze was. It will take more pressure to cut it and there will be more movement of the hook that is in you.“ Ronny just stared at his uncle Hank tears welling up. Hank asked, ”Are you ready?“  Ronny shrugged his shoulders in reply. Hank instructed him, Lean forward as far as you can and don’t move.”  Phyllis arrived with the iodine and some bandaging material. She still smelled peculiar but had lost her humility over the skunk encounter already. She stepped into Hank’s light putting her face very close to Ronny’s head and looking directly at the lure asked, “Does that hurt? Dad are you going to have to cauterised it? You know, heat up a poker red-hot a sterilize the wound.” One of Ronny’s tears hit the floor with an audible sound.


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