19  Art’s Gift For Mother  – Daredevil Surgery Part 2

Daredevil Surgery Part 2

Hank took Phyllis by the chin and lifted her little face so she was looking into his and said, “Thank you for bringing the iodine.  Put it on the saw table and go back to the house. Do not say another word or I’ll heat you up.”  Phyllis tried to nod her head yes, but Hank still had a firm pressure under it so her chin did not move much but Hank knew she understood. He released her and she put the items on the saw table and vanished out the door with out another word.

Then Hank said to Ronny, “Here we go son.” Hank positioned the pliers to cut the one prong free of the others and began to squeeze on the pliers.  It was not possible to hold them still while squeezing hard enough to cut the hook. Though there was very little motion there was just enough to cause Ronny to cry out in pain.

Finally there was a loud snapping noise as the pliers cut through the steel shank of the hook. Hank handed the two hooks to Victor, and Ronny straightened up with a sigh of relief.

Hank said, “Rest a minute and we’ll finish the job. You did very well not to move and you’ll need to do that again then we will be done. Can you do it?” Ronny responded with another irresolute shrug.  Hank extended his hand to Victor who was holding the other two hooks, Victor placed them carefully on Hanks open palm.  Hank got behind Ronny and adjusted the hooks he could see how the embedded hook was positioned under the skin. Once he was satisfied he knew how the hook in Ronny was positioned he gave the two hooked piece back to Victor. Then he swabbed iodine on the protruding piece and all around the wound itself. Ronny whined and wiggled from the sting of the iodine as it worked its way into the wound around the hook.

Hank then said in a cheerful voice, “Ok let’s finish this and get some supper.”

This time Hank took a pair of long-nosed pliers and with a firm grip on the visible end of the hook he pushed the hook through with a rotating motion. Ronny was crying but remained reasonably still, Hank re-gripped on the newly exposed portion and continued to rotate the hook out. Hank declared, “It’s out, we’re finished. You did real good.  You’re a brave boy.” Ronny was sobbing softly but when he saw the relief on the faces of the others his chubby and tear-wet cheeks made way for one of his famous room lighting grins.  Hank swabbed the area of the wounds with iodine once more and they headed into the house. While making jokes and laughing harder than the humor called for because of their mutual relief.

Vicky, who had not said a word the entire time Hank was trying to get his hook out of his brother, said in a matter of fact tone, “Uncle Hank you just let go the biggest fish I’ve ever caught.’ Ronny gave his brother a punch in the arm amidst the chuckles of everyone.

As they entered the house, Linda said out loud, ”Praise the Lord, did you get the hook out?“ ”Yes“ said Vicky, ”Look didn’t hurt his mouth one bit.“ More chuckles and another punch from Ronny. Ruth glared at them and reminded them to wash and come to the table. She got behind Ronny to inspect his wound and said, ”I told your father not to let you boys go fishing until tomorrow.“ This was just her motherly concern at seeing the nasty mess on the back of her son’s neck.

Phyllis was bobbing up and down trying to get high enough to see Ronny’s neck. Finally, after  Ronny was seated at the table she saw plainly the hook wounds.  She exclaimed, ”Oh what a mess. Does it hurt? Who took the hook out, did daddy? Why are there two holes? She touched the area with a finger causing Ronny to flinch away. Her mother spoke to her, “Take your seat please and leave your cousin alone.” Phyllis said dramatically, “Ok I’ll sit down but I probably can’t eat after looking at that horrible mess.”


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