Marauders, Vandals, and Victor’s Vendetta

Marauders, Vandals, Bandits

Victor set his steaming cup of coffee on the step and cleaned up the small mess left by the raccoons. This was what his head lights had revealed last night. Victor was grateful that the mess was not worse; he purposed to secure the lids well tonight.

He picked up his coffee he walked out into the yard. The ancient pine needle carpet silenced each step. He was relishing the moment and wished his family was up to see and smell the morning with him but at the same time glad to be alone.

He was thinking about his sons and they way they behaved and what they valued. This line of thought led him to his sister’s children and how they behaved. And this in turn led him back to the conversation he had with Hank the night before. Victor was aware that somewhere inside him he too had a longing to know God. But he was also freighted by the implications.

An open car window caught his attention he muttered to himself, “At least it did not rain last night.” Determined not to lose the peace of the moment. He turned toward the car he was debating whether, it would be better to just leave the window down or roll it up.

He also noticed the glass seemed to be fogged up from the inside as if there was a person in the car. Victor was preparing to snatch the door open and catch Ronny up to his elbows in the snacks. As Victor extended his hand to open the back door there was a cacophony of rustling and rattling from within the car. Victor now convinced he had caught Ronny grabbed the door handle. As he did three fury projectiles sailed by him. Victor flinched away, caught his heel and fell backward unto the soft carpet of pine needles. Most of his coffee spilled on the grown but enough landed on Victor to make him appear as though he had had a very personal accident.

Victor rolled and was on his feet all in one motion. His eyes followed the last seen path of escaping raccoons. He located them some 30 feet away looking back at him they seemed to be snickering at the strategic wet spot on his trousers. Apparently satisfied with their work move slowly into the woods.

Victor threatened them, “I’ll get you for this.” And the Vendetta was on.


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