Returning To Camp

Returning To Camp 

Victor was lost in thought on the short ride back to camp. As they pulled into the parking area the car lights swept across the back of the cottage. The head lights caught a pair of eyes glistening out of the ink-well of darkness. Victor stopped the car and immediately backed up trying to put the lights back where he had seen the reflection of eyes. The headlights retraced their course but no eyes were seen on this pass. Victor pulled ahead again, back in the parking spot, Ruth asked, “What are you doing?” Victor said very quietly, “I thought I saw something in the back of the camp.”  Victor shut the engine off but left the lights on to light the way up the steps and into the cottage.

Getting out of the car he saw that both boys had fallen asleep. He shook them gently but found it was difficult to rouse them. Finally they were awake enough to stumble sleepily into the cottage Ronny moved with his mantra of pain, “ooch, ouch” with his mother behind him poking and guiding him up the steps and giving bedtime instructions.

Victor reached through the open window and shut off the car lights. Then made his own way into the cottage, chastening himself for not remembering to bring a flashlight. He was exhausted but did not wont to go to bed just yet.. The boys were already asleep on top of their beds, obviously ignoring all of their mother’s instructions. Ruth was in the bathroom getting ready for bed herself. Ronny’s hot packs completely forgotten by everyone.

Victor took a can of soda from the refrigerator and went out on the porch. He took his favorite seat, a wicker rocker with a commanding view of the lake. He sat quietly enjoying sound of the water gently stony shore line and the lonesome call of a loon as it danced with the moonlight across the lake toward him. The air was humidity free, scented with balsam, and drifted lazily through the screened porch.

As Victor sat there in the homely comforts of the camp, he thought about what Hank had talked to him about. He was considering not only what Hank had said but the fact that he had said it.  One thing for sure this was not the Hank he had known. Victor thought about the question Hank said he had been asked,  “Are you a Christian?”


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