Gleanings Jan-Feb 2015

By way of explanation as to why the posts have stopped. I post a copy of an article from this month’s news letter.

I hope to  pick up the “Adventures of Artie” soon. 

Acts 27:23 “For there stood by me this night the angel of God, whose I am, and whom I serve, Saying, Fear not”

As 2014 closed out with many observable blessings, 2015 started with many apparent problems.

The most consuming of which has been Barbara’s health.  

Our tendency is to see these personal health problems as a distraction from the will and work of God.  And we long to have them all behind us so we can get on with “the work”.

But the truth is that our only purpose on earth is to glorify God.

We can do that as well from the sick bed as from the pulpit.  In fact the sick bed is a very effective platform to reveal in a speechless reality what is true in our lives. Especially when that bed of suffering takes us and our family to the edges of eternity.  

When the storm of disease beats on our fragile, temporal hulls.  When the only wind that comes is contrary.  And the only water that touches our lips seems laced with salt.

When our physical existence takes us from one humiliation to the next and all hope is taken away but One.  But even that hope is, at times, obscured by the violence and persistence of these present tempests. 

It is there we surrender all pretense, the raw reality of who’s we are and why we are is known to us in a way we had not known before.  It is from there that our whispered, “Thank you God” becomes our psalm sung in the worship of acceptance. 

Thousands of prayers have been prayed on Barbara’s behalf. And I believe God is glorified in our asking as much as He is in His answering.  God has raised up many who have helped us in many ways and we thank Him for it.

Thank you for praying  God has received the Glory, and Barbara is healing.


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