Not So Far From Home

A blue haze of diesel exhaust hung in the triple-digit heat, turning the air over Bombay into a ubiquitous blanket of discomfort. With hours before my flight home I was getting a look at this city of 18,000,000, and before my visit was over I felt like I had been bumped into by every one of them, twice.

The traffic consisted of a river of jostling, jolting, jitneys, jolting. and jockeying for the next inch of progress. Interspersed with lapping waves of pedestrians ebbing in and out among the halting traffic.

The corners of the streets alternatingly occupied by disfigured beggars, offended children, and abandoned wives with children. With a sprinkling of snake charmers, bulls, cows, and elephants.

Hoping to find a cool breeze I stopping to explore a bit of the waterfront, and venturing onto one the docks I was able to look out into the harbor. The view was, in contrast, tranquil and there among the several ships at anchor was a U.S.N. Destroyer with the Stars and Stripes atop her masts.

The effect that sighting had on me was at once to make me glad and sad. Though well aware of missing my wife and family; I was not expecting the emotions stirred by that little piece of America, which like me was so far from home.

I have had a similar sensation at times in Church; when by the eye of faith I get a glimpse of heaven. There, in the fellowship of saints worshiping God in Spirit and Truth, we are for a moment, as it were a little outpost from heaven.

I am in a sense awaiting my flight home. It only remains to see if it is by death or rapture.

We do not know the day of our departure but it is certainly nearer than it ever was before. And each day away from heaven is one day nearer.


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